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Has the paddling bug bitten you? Have you bought the boat but have no clue where to go and what to do once you get out there? If so, perhaps this web site will give you some useful information to get you going. I'll help you get started and then show you some places to go based on 20 plus years experience exploring in the Timucuan Preserve as well as many other areas in Florida and SE Georgia.

The water is waiting, so... get a boat, grab a paddle, hit the water and let's have some fun getting wet! Just click on the links to the left to explore the site.



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Red Shouldered Hawk in the Okefenokee




DISCLAIMER :  This web site is my own personal web site and does not express the opinions or views of any other person or organization. Use the information contained herein at your own risk. I do not attempt to represent myself as an expert in the matters of paddling or the outdoors. Note : There are many references to areas where I have noted as pleasant and inviting places to either picnic, camp or otherwise enjoy. Be aware that you do so at your own risk and any violation of trespass laws you do so at your own discretion. Please be respectful of both the environment and other people's property. Note : I find it really sad that I have to even include a statement like this!